Resources have been selected to cover topics addressed in undergraduate courses that engage the concept of human nature. If you would like to suggest a topic for inclusion or a resource to address a topic please send to humannatureforum@gmail.com.

Human Nature By Topic

Human Nature as a concept, Conflict and Cooperation, Cognitian, Free Will, Gender, Social Groups, Morality, Ethics, Language, Power, Rights and Responsibilities, Human Needs, Emotion, Creativity, Problem Solving, Everyday Tendencies …

Human Nature by academic discipline

Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, History, Criminology, Arts, Sociology, Political Science

Philosophy /Thought
Psychology/ Relationships
 Science & Technology
Evolution & History
Biology/ Body & Mind
Criminology / Crime, Violence, Dehumanization
Sociology/ Social Systems
Political Science/ Political
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Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature w/ Tamar Gendler
Human Behavioral Biology with Robert Sapolsky

Master Class 2011: The Science of Human Nature (from Edge.org)

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