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Grant Ramsey’s new book Human Nature

Introduces and contrasts his “Trait Cluster” theory of human nature with other prominent theories.

What’s Left of Human Nature? by Maria Kronfeldner

Outlines approaches to the term human nature and proposes that we no longer use the term at all.

Arguing About Human Nature: Contemporary Debates

“Arguing About Human Nature” debates the essence of humanity, drawing from diverse fields, presenting 35 essays on 12 topics.

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What is Human Nature and Why is it Important?
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International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology

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University of Pittsburg History and Philosophy of Science

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We are looking for contributors and partners in the search for more understanding of our human nature and it’s implications for addressing the most pressing issues of our time. Dr. David Livingstone Smith and Dr. Subrena Smith are our first two contributors now joined by Edouard Machery, Armin Schulz, and upcoming contributors Paul Griffiths, and Grant Ramsey! If you would like to contribute your perspective to this site please contact

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