Sponsored Events and Projects

This page has specific events and projects sponsored by Human Nature Forum. We are interested in sponsoring more lectures, panels and events on the topic of Human Nature. If you are interested please send a message to humannatureforum@gmail.com.

Sponsored Series:

Human Nature Bytes

This project engages a series of authors and professors who have thought deeply about human nature and it’s importance in our world today. kk

Each contributor addresses the questions:

What is Human Nature? and Why is it important?

Edouard Machery Ph. D

Subrena Smith Ph. D

David Livingstone Smith

David Livingstone Smith addresses the question What is Human Nature and Why is it important?

Sponsored Lecture

Robert Agnew: 

General Strain Theory

The first project that we sponsored was a lecture at the University of Tampa by Dr. Robert Agnew on his General Strain Theory. The lecture addresses some of the causes of crime.

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