Human Nature Grant

The Human Nature Forum is offering several grants  for web based research projects, for a human nature subject matter expert advisor for this web site, and for a web site development assistant.

Grant #1: Human Nature Project Grant

This project grant is intended to advance the mission of the Human Nature Forum to make the serious study of human nature publicly accessible.

Example projects could include a podcast or social media component, a moderated online discussion, presentation and dialog surrounding a key text or video, (live and recorded) seminar style discussion, or any other format that supports the mission.

Example questions to engage include:

What are the most important research directions related to human nature, genetics, and brain science?
How does human nature impact the most important issues of our time?
Can our human nature be altered?
Is our human nature more likely skewed toward evil or goodness?
Is human nature responsible for much of the world’s most serious problems?

We are open to input and individual ideas.

Grant amount: 5,000.00

Send letter of interest to


Grant #2: Human Nature Forum Academic Advisor

Proposals need to include the following components:

-Recipients need to hold a PHD or terminal degree in a field related to the study of Human Nature.

Act as an advisor in the development of the content on the Human Nature Forum Website.

Contact potential contributors to the site.

Make suggestions on the organization and collection of materials for the site on a monthly basis.

Contribute a post or link to the forum each month.

Grant amount: 500.00/month

Send letter of interest to


Grant #3: Human Nature Forum Academic Director

Act as an Academic Director for the site with three primary tasks.
1. Gather and organize existing resources and develop new resources/events for the site.
2. Facilitate an active discussion board on the site with week to week interaction
3. Work together with the general director (me) and with any other grant recipients such as the seminar course facilitator and possibly with another site promotional assistant to move the site mission forward and increase visibility. The grant would be renewable.
Preference is given to candidates with the following qualifications:
-research interests related to Human Nature,
-college/university teaching experience,
-experience using social media and posting video content online.
Grant Amount 12,000 (1000.00/month)
Send letter of interest to
Grant #4: Human Nature Forum Website assistant
Upload new content to the Human Nature Forum Website each week.
     -Help in the development of the organization and design of the website
      -Research and find new content to link to
      -Draw from previously selected content list provided by the site director
      -Possibly add to blog posts and posts to the forum discussion board
Preference given to candidates who are studying one of the following fields: Philosophy, Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Brain Science or related field
Preference given to candidates who have web design, media upload, or social media experience
Grant Amount: 25.00/hr for up to 10 hours/week
Send letter of interest including a link to your website/instagram to

Blog at