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Reading Grant Ramsey's book "Human Nature"

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Morgan Clouser is reading and posting about Grant Ramsey’s new book Human Nature.

Please join her and join the discussion!!

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Hi all!

Let’s begin reading Human Nature by Grant Ramsey. After reading the introduction, I noticed that Ramsey begins by asking the question: what is human nature? Of course, to answer this question, he brings up two different sets of questions we must answer first. 

1. Innate questions about humans- e.g. are humans good? What is our character?

2. Basic questions about descriptions and concepts of the world- what is the definition of nature, what does it mean?

These two sets of questions seem necessary to ask in order to have a complete understanding of a (possible) human nature. 

At this point, I am excited to see how Ramsey introduces how to start defining a human nature. We see that he starts by rejecting skepticism that a human nature exists. This is a common place to start, at least in the philosophical argument world. After all- what is the use of moving on with a topic if it can be easily rejected? 

Join along reading the rest of this book with me! I am excited to dive deep into the arguments that he makes, to make sure they are valid and clear in understanding a meaning of human nature. 


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