Getting the Forum Hooked up and Dr. David L. Smith meeting

The forum is coming along now our next task is to get the actual discussion forums hooked up and working and to restyle the forum page so it has big text and is easy to navigate.

We are also actively looking for subject matter experts who are interested in contributing to this project. Next week I am going to talk with Dr. David L. Smith about developing some new content for the site. His website on Dehumanization is a fine resource to examine our human tendency to treat other human beings as  less than human.

If we are conscious of destructive dehumanization tendencies we can work to short circuit them toward more constructive ways of dealing with differences. I don’t know if it’s possible but it’s something that we can hope for even if it’s a long shot. Here is a link to a recent post on his blog. It shows that dehumanization goes much deeper than allowing us to rationalize our behavior. It makes this behavior seem to us like a positive moral duty.


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