Human Nature as basic tendencies / instincts

Is it accurate to say that we are largely controlled by our basic underlying instincts and tendencies?

What are some of our most common tendencies, observed across cultures and across human history?

Which of the following do you relate to the most?

Here are a few that we have identified:

-Following a strong leader

-Desire for security

-Us vs Them mentality

-Self preservation / Selfishness


-Desire to gain power over others

-Desire to mate

-Desire for recognition from the group

-Desire for control

-Tendency to be dissatisfied with what we have

-Desire for “progress”

-Need to create

-Need for physical work

-Need to help others

-Tendency to look for distractions for the mind

-Tendency to form social networks

-Need for intimacy

-Desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

-Tendency to put off what we find difficult or necessary

-To look for an easier way.

-The need for religion

-The need to find the truth

-The tendency to rationalize our behavior

-The tendency to blame others if anything goes wrong

What are some other general tendencies that we can observe in macro human behavior?

Which of these behaviors are productive for the wider society and which become destructive?



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