Human Nature Bytes

Our new project “Human Nature Bytes” is underway now with our first two contributions from Dr. David Livingstone Smith and Dr. Subrena Smith. I am also looking forward to discussing the further development of this website with Dr. Laurence Fiddick from Lakehead University.

Dr. David L. Smith and Dr. Subrena Smith approached the questions What is Human Nature? and Why is it important? from different theoretical perspectives but neither one of them pointed to a unified concept of human nature that could explain human behavior over time and across cultures. Dr. S. Smith introduced the concept of human nature as a norm of behavior that relates to natural selection. I interpreted her approach as hopeful that natural norms are structured to promote positive results for our species over time; yet she also acknowledged that our destructive behaviors have also persisted over time. This seems like an interesting paradox to look into.

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