Human Nature(s) Diversity and Adaptation

The more I study the concept of human nature, what stands out to me in a very simplistic way is what I would consider a wide range of ways of life and ways of thinking about being human. I want to be clear that this site is not intended to promote a specific human nature but more to explore the concept in an open ended way and to see how it can be useful to humanity.

Regardless of which and to what degree an individual shows certain human traits we would not ever try to claim that anyone is more human than anyone else. There will be moments where contributors will take specific and perhaps ridged positions, set out for others to discuss but I am not intending an underlying slant toward one view or another. In fact if anyone feels that their position is not represented I would offer an open invitation to present that perspective on the site.

That said, I do believe that science provides a cross cultural window into the biology of human beings and that viable theories of human nature need to account for our known biological structures. Also, I do believe that regardless of our significant differences, all humans wish to, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and desire health and personal agency in the world around them. I would also say that the concepts of human nature and human rights are closely related which is another reason why human nature is important.

Personally, I place a high value on our creative nature and I find the differences and exceptions in our human natures to be more interesting and valuable than our similarities because they are evidence that human nature is always plural and to some degree mutable.

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