Morality and Human Nature

Today David brought up the category of morality of human nature. What about morality as compared in different religions?  Morality and religion seem to act as a control on our basic human nature. Morality and religion are learned. We are not born with it. Whereas, we are born with our human nature. David’s point is that morality and religion is weaker and our human nature “never lets go” it’s a constant force. In comparison morality and religion is imposed on our human nature. What are you thoughts on this topic?

My thoughts on morality and religion first of all separate the two because of course one can have morality without religion or even religion without morality. The other distinction that we talked about is the one between what I call human nature and animal nature. I define human nature as what separates us from the animals. David’s position is that there is very little that separates us from the animals and that our “animal nature” controls most of what we do. What are your thoughts on this topic? Post a reply by clicking on the reply button.



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