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Delving into the another academic discipline with little to no experience is a humbling and disorienting experience. Yet perhaps it is my human curiosity that drives me to explore something outside my area. I want to find out where this will go. There is no doubt that Paul Griffiths of the University of Sydney is an expert in Human Nature I am looking forward to his video for the Human Nature Bytes Project. Dr. Griffiths together with his wife and fellow PhD Philosopher of Science Karola Stotz authored the book Genetics and Philosophy 2013. I should also note that Dr. Griffiths is the co-lead researcher for the Theory and Method in Biosciences group at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Griffiths has also directed me to some new resources such as Grant Ramsey at The Center for Logic and the Philosophy of Science at KU Leuven in Belgium. He has just published a new book on Human Nature but it’s not on amazon yet. Perhaps he will be willing to send a video for the Human Nature Bytes project as well.

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