Tendencies to engage socially

This morning I am reflecting on our human tendency to form groups and interact in a spirit of comradery and goodwill.

As mentioned earlier, we humans tend to create an “Us vs Them” mentality but when we interact with the “Us” group we act in more socially productive and healthy ways.

We know it is possible to expand the “Us” group to include others that don’t look like us or even speak the same language simply by finding them on the bleachers next to us wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt and cap.

Two examples of symbols for world peace and unity are the United Nations and Olympic ring symbols.

Unfortunately the United Nations has been unable to keep the peace and the Olympics have been coopted at times to promote the power of one nation. Still these symbols may yet have some power to unite us. We can feel this power in the Olympic village among the athletes of the world.

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